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    We give beginners the skills to solve any problem and bring their ideas to life.

    Code Chicago, a premiere program of BLUE1647, is a series of hands-on, mobile development, software programming and design workshops held in collaborative spaces in Chicago IL. and digitally through Blue Academy. Students work with one another and join in the spirit of collaboration and learning. It is this aspect of education that resonates most with our participants — and that with an open atmosphere where no question is off limits, we see interesting and inspiring thinking about how to embrace the openness of technology as an opportunity palette — and to really push what might seem conventionally possible with a web browser, and a mobile device having an internet connection.


    Our in-person sessions are relaxed, our online courses are rich in content, and our participants in leave being able to approach problems from multiple perspectives and skill-sets — not accepting simple technical limitations as barriers to executing on a vision.


    Sessions are project-based, which is at the very heart of most modern project developments. It’s not only about programming, it’s also about learning to think critically to solve problems and develop team-building skills, which is invaluable in the 21st Century. Our goal is to familiarize you with the intricacies of these programming platforms, while at the same time, fostering inspirational thinking, which will create future opportunities for you. Code Chicago is not stodgy or static; we are seeking to actively push the boundaries in new and unexpected ways, and we want you to participate.

  • City of Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel

    "I congratulate the founders of Blue1647 on an innovative, exciting venture. The technology sector in Chicago is a growing, crucial area that will have an enormous impact on the City's economy in the future. I am pleased that organizations like Blue1647 are focused on improving the diversity of the sector and ensuring that as our economy grows it reflects the diversity and vibrancy of the city's people."

    Great Value

    Code Chicago provides great value; at the same time, gaining the skills and tools necessary for the 21st Century. Our vision is to empower members of communities to bring their own dreams to life through coding, and technology. We want to take participants far beyond simplistic “by-the-book” training and give them the tools to make an impact.


    This is a flexible learning opportunity; our training events are perfect for busy professionals and students alike. Code Chicago is offering a part-time after-hours learning environment - where participants are still able to have jobs and maintain their familial relationships while attending training events. Through our specialized approach to education, we have a great mix of teachers pulled directly from industry who are able to lend support and impart hands-on experience. 

    All Things Tech


    Code Chicago’s training sessions places emphasis on developing your own tangible product for your personal digital portfolio, this is a perfect place to meet collaborators for future projects or even assemble your own team for a future project. Whether you're a beginner, or advancing learner, you learn the importance collaboration plays in technical development, and will be confronted by certain challenges, which push you towards further developing your “strategic vision”.


    Invest in yourself

    Finally, this is an investment in yourself. The trainings and creative problem-solving concepts you will learn will energize your ingenuity. Training events require around 8-15 hours of effort per week from participants in order to maximize the student’s personal outcomes. Whether you’re planning on pursuing college, aiming to change your career, or want to try to forge a path on your own, our unique learning opportunities will prepare you for the road ahead by imparting tangible skills with real-world value.

  • Our training event curricula was designed by industry practitioners within the tech community.

    Training events include topics on web development, mobile development, design, UX/UI, data, and more!

    "Intro to Graphic Design 101 - 103 Series"

    Looking to learn more about digital design? These project-based trainings covers Adobe Creative Suite. In 101, come learn how to create vector artwork and apply it to design your own t-shirt. This workshop will cover the basics of Illustrator. In 102, learn Adobe InDesign used for both print and digital design - think brochures, presentations, magazine spreads and even books - and is one of the most popular design tools amongst Designers that is used to bring ideas to life. Trainings allow you to advance in the series.

    “Intro to Coding 101 - 104 Series”

    Understanding the foundations of a website, such as HTML & CSS, is highly beneficial for Marketers, Business Professionals & Designers. This workshop series designed for participants with no coding experience, provides the foundations for building a website from scratch and is ideal for those looking to launch a site or anyone interested in understanding coding languages. Each workshop advances students to the next level while developing a personal website.

    "Intro to Wordpress Development 101 - 103 Series"

    Whether you are building a business or building our brand, having a website is a must. WordPress powers almost 27 percent of the entire internet! Learn the basics about WordPress, how to identify if it works for you, and develop a plan of action to get started while starting your own website throughout the training series.

    "Intro to Digital Marketing Series Series"

    With today's plethora of social media channels (think Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.), there's never been more opportunities for businesses to reach new customers. However, not all channels are created equal; each platform boasts its own unique strengths. Learn the basics whether for personal or business while building on these platforms and develop strategies for your projects throughout the series.

    "Intro to Python Programming Series"

    In this series, you can learn Python programming language from scratch. Python is a general-purpose interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, and high-level programming language. Python is one of the most popular languages today, used for a wide range of fields, from web programming, to data science, to robotics. To begin you will need a laptop and a notebook.

    "Lean Launch Your Startup or Venture"

    This series of Entrepreneurial workshops carry the goal that every participant will leave with something tangible or intangible that they didn't have before the session. We kick off our workshops with a session focused on Launching a Venture - Starting Lean. Participants learn about starting a lean venture, while utilizing the build-measure-learn loop to build a minimum viable product. This workshop is ideal for: Entrepreneurs, business professionals, people involved in product development (designers, developers, engineers, product managers, product owners, startup founders, intrapreneurs).

    "Data Science 101 presented by UPTAKE & BLUE1647"

    Careers in Data Science are the fasting growing & most highly sought after jobs in the Tech Industry. Join us for a discussion on a day-in-the-life of a data scientist; at Uptake & their job progression, career opportunities in Data Science & the most popular hot topics in DS right now such as AI & Machine Learning.

    Intro to Back-end development.



    Learn foundational back-end development skills, developing a digital portfolio. Whether you've never written code or have only dabbled, this training will introduce you to the power of programming through hands-on coding, with resources, frameworks & assignments.

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